Adwords the last few months have tested and released several different ad formats. This is partly due to the fact that the web is changing and having just text ads is not enough. With the new formats they are trying to offer a better user experience and at the same time more appealing that will generate more clicks. The following short video showcases most of the new ad formats.

Available ad formats:

Ad site links, which we covered in our previous post. Ad Sitelinks allow you to extend the value of your existing AdWords ads by providing additional links to specific, relevant content deeper within your sitemap.

Location extensions, allow you to extend your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your business address to your ads. In addition to the description lines and URL that appear in your ad text, your ad can also display your business name, address, and phone number.

Video extensions provide a new way to engage potential customers with sight, sound, and motion when you advertise on Video extensions play in an expandable plusbox directly beneath your standard text ads.

Product extensions are a way for you to enrich your existing AdWords ads with more relevant and specific information about your retail merchandise. Product extensions allow you to use your existing Google Merchant Center account to highlight your products directly in your search ads. (Currently in a closed BETA for the UK).

Click to call,  by adding a click-to-call business phone number in ads that appear on mobile devices with full internet browsers.