Marketers who have been trying to find an easy and cheap way to successfully market products on Snapchat are now able to do just that using Snapchat’s newest feature called ‘Paperclips’. Paperclips is super easy to use and allows anyone to add a link to their snap to add some more content to what they are trying to show in the short 10 second Snap.

The feature can be found within the vertical toolkit on the right-hand side of the screen after you have taken your snap. To activate the feature, all you need to do is tap the paperclip icon to get the option to enter a URL which you can then attach to the snap once you’ve reached the website.

It is also just as easy for the viewers viewing the snap to access the link attached. When on the snap, all you need to do to find the attached link and swipe up from the bottom where you should be able to see the websites link with an arrow pointing up on top of it. The website will immediately open up through Snapchat’s built-in browser.

It is important to note that up until a week ago this was a feature limited only to paying advertisers.

Now that the paperclip feature has been made available to the public, there are several ways marketers and even the general public can use it to add more content to whatever they are previewing or showcasing through their snaps. Here are some examples of how marketers can use this

– Preview a new product in the snap with the link to the product attached at the bottom.

– Previewing new music with a snippet of a song along with the link of where to pre-order the new single or album.

– Exclusive release at a certain time; let people know with a snap and include the link to the website attached.

These are just three ways to put the new update to good use, but the possibilities are endless. This is without a doubt just the beginning of developments on this platform.


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