How Stellar Search helped scale digital revenues for Zoom.co.uk to establish themselves from being a start-up business to driving over £200k / month in less than a year.



The Results

  • 6800% growth in online sales from February to November 2015
  • 6683% growth in website visits from February to November 2015
  • 16211% growth in online revenue from February to November 2015

  Graph “Stellar Search helped guide us in terms of the right channels to use as a start-up business to make money whilst not having lots of budget to invest. As a result we have achieved great results where we have able to scale the business to a sustainable level to allow us to reinvest into further growth in the future. ” Steve Kincaid, Marketing Director – Zoom.co.uk


The Client

Zoom.co.uk is an online DVD/CD and Blu-Ray online retailer that launched in November 2014. As part of the Universal Pictures and NBC group it was launched as a way for picture houses to promote their movies direct to consumers who wish to purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray formats. Despite being part of a larger group, Zoom.co.uk was a start-up business run by Joe McNicholas and Steve Kincaid, who with limited funding believed that they could grow Zoom.co.uk into becoming a major player in the entertainment ecommerce sector. The challenge was to grow their digital business whilst maintaining a positive ROI to reinvest further into growing the business…

The Objectives

  • Improve overall performance for all digital channels whilst maintaining a 300% ROI
  • Use a mixture of digital channels to show sales growth to £0.5m in revenue in 1s
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness of Zoom.co.uk
  • Keep to within a target ROI 0f 300%

The Strategy

Stellar Search worked with Zoom.co.uk to put in place a plan to roll out a number of different digital channels to help grow the business. There has been a three stage approach to rolling out different digital channels to drive sales and awareness for Zoom.co.uk:

  1. PPC & Google Shopping: Initial focus was on Google Shopping and PPC to drive sales for people searching for DVD & Blu-ray titles in the Search Engines. Stellar Search created Google Shopping campaigns and optimised Zoom.co.uk’s feed whilst also creating a granular PPC campaign structure targeting individual movie titles and capturing increases in interest when movies were released and available for pre-order.
  2. Display & Social: Once PPC and Google Shopping was set up and performing, we looked to grow brand awareness and more top of funnel visitors using Display and Social platforms. This included targeted audiences in the Google Display Network and on DSP providers using look-a-like audiences as well as promoting their Twitter account through promoted tweets on Twitter.
  3. SEO & Affiliates: The next stage of digital development was focusing on their organic rankings by targeting new movie releases through SEO to compete with larger advertisers in the entertainment sector (such as Amazon.co.uk) and working with affiliate networks to help promote sales on shopping engines.