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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Related site ads

We just spotted that PPC ads on the site now have a related “text”. In other words a user might be searching for a certain brand but Google lets you know of a similar product!!

Ad SiteLinks on Search Partners

Ad Sitelinks allow you to extend the value of your existing AdWords ads by providing additional links to content deep within your site – displaying up to 4 additional destination URLs on your search-based text ad for users to choose from.

Starting this week, Ad Sitelinks will be eligible to appear on select search partner sites […]

Most Influential on Twitter?

Sysomos released a social media report which looks deeper into followers on Twitter. The report  trys to explain how influence is not always measured by the number of people who follow you but also their authority. For example celebrities have a large number of followers, but most of them are low authority users.

How do they […]

HTML 5 Links and stats

Lately there is a lot of talk about HTML 5 and when is going to be ready, we added a few useful links that might help you understand more.

What is HTML 5 by Wikipedia:

HTML5 is currently under development as the next major revision of the HTML standard. Like its immediate predecessors, HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is […]

Top iPhone Apps for Search Marketers

As iPhone gets more popular we start seeing more apps for search marketers. Below we list 3 apps that the team here at Stellar Search has been using. Although there are a lot of iPhone apps for search marketing unfortunately most of the them are not user friendly. Hopefully the following list will grow over time.

1. […]

Groupon War now in the UK

Over the last few months the Groupon war has been moved to the UK and in particular London. Groupon was the first company that started in 2008 in Chicago. The way this works is very simple:

Each day there is a different offer with at least 50% discount.
You only get it if enough people join […]

How Google Works

Google launched a new website aiming at educating users on how Google really works.

“As a company, Google focuses on three key areas: Search, Ads and Apps. Search is our core technology; ads are our central business proposition; and apps are the umbrella over our web-based software that you can access anywhere, any time. While […]

Five Great World Cup Videos Ads

In the spirit of the world cup that started on Friday five great video ads:

Nike: Write the Future

Pepsi: Oh Africa

Carlsberg: Team Talk

Coca-Cola: History of Celebration

Puma: Love=Football


Google Removes Auto-Background Feature

Last week Google announced a new feature by letting users to add a favorite photo or image to the background of the Google homepage like the one below.

Unfortunately this confused users and as a result Google stopped this feature and posted an update in the blog.
Update June 10, 11:31AM: Last week, we launched the ability to set an […]

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