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Average Bounce Rate

Over the last few years we have found that it’s very difficult to actually find a research on bounce rate that gives an average.  The best research we have found is by Google Analytics. The data comes from all websites which have opted-in anonymous data … Continue reading

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Multi-Channel Funnel reports On Google Analytics (BETA)

Introducing Multi-Channel Funnels Google Analytics launched the multi channel funnel reports. This is a feature that was really missing from Google Analytics and it will help users a lot. The Multi-Channel Funnel reports is very similar to the search funnels … Continue reading

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Why PPC Numbers do not match with Google Analytics?

Image by vrypan via Flickr A lot of times our clients ask us: Why Google Adwords Numbers are not the same with Google Analytics? actually there are a few reasons on why this is happening. Although Google Adwords and Google … Continue reading

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Don’t underestimate your mobile sales

Since the launch of iPhone a few years ago everyone was expecting the “mobile revolution” where thousand of sales will be generated every day from mobile. I personally don’t believe we are there yet but we are getting closer. The search volumes … Continue reading

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Top iPhone Apps for Search Marketers

As iPhone gets more popular we start seeing more apps for search marketers. Below we list 3 apps that the team here at Stellar Search has been using. Although there are a lot of iPhone apps for search marketing unfortunately most of … Continue reading

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