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Average Bounce Rate

Over the last few years we have found that it’s very difficult to actually find a research on bounce rate that gives an average.  The best research we have found is by Google Analytics. The data comes from all websites which have opted-in anonymous data … Continue reading

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Google vs Facebook (infographic)

The last few months there has been a lot of talk about Facebook and Google. The good guys at decided to create an infographic to showcase the tention and the differences between those two giants which makes it more … Continue reading

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How impressions are counted with Google Instant

Google posted the following regarding impressions with Google Instant. I think its worth understanding the difference as this is going to affect your CTR/Quality Score of your account. We also added a screenshot which might make it easier. When someone searches using … Continue reading

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Two Different Mindsets: Display vs Search

Search and Display network (or Content network) are two different  …. but sometimes advertisers confuse them. The graph below separates the two and explains the different mindset of the users. It’s very important to remember that when a user is searching on Google he/she is  proactively … Continue reading

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Top 25 Branded Facebook Pages

Rank Jun 10 Rank Dec 09 Fans as of 12/29/2009 Fans as of 6/28/2010 % increase Change in Rank 1 Facebook: 1 6,572,828 10,414,795 58.45% 0 2 Starbucks: 2 5,259,550 8,410,175 59.90% 0 3 Coca Cola: 3 4,077,848 6,041,340 48.15% … Continue reading

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