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Google’s “Inside Search” Event

Google announces a series of  search improvements today on the “Inside Search” event. A few days ago Google emailed journalists inviting them to Inside Search for “an under-the-hood look at Google Search, share our vision, and demo some of our newest technology and features.”

There where several improvements on the mobile  search improvements but the three main […]

+1 button coming to Google AdWords

We got an email yesterday from Google Adwords letting us know that now the +1 button will be availble on the PPC results.

In the coming weeks, your search results and ads on Google will include a +1 button, which users can click to recommend your ads. You don’t need to make any changes to […]

Interest Categories Out Of BETA

Google announced that as of yesterday, interest categories are now available to all AdWords advertisers. Interest categories are a good way of exposing your content campaigns to more users within the display network. We always recommend that client set up a re-marketing in order to get more data and understand the creative performance

How interest categories […]

Seller rating extensions on PPC ads

Google announced on the 28th of June another new feature/extension on PPC ads. The introduction ofseller ratings.

Starting today we’re introducing a new feature, called seller rating extensions, that makes it easier for people to identify highly-rated merchants when they’re searching on Seller rating extensions does this by attaching your merchant star rating from […]

Ad SiteLinks on Search Partners

Ad Sitelinks allow you to extend the value of your existing AdWords ads by providing additional links to content deep within your site – displaying up to 4 additional destination URLs on your search-based text ad for users to choose from.

Starting this week, Ad Sitelinks will be eligible to appear on select search partner sites […]

How Google Works

Google launched a new website aiming at educating users on how Google really works.

“As a company, Google focuses on three key areas: Search, Ads and Apps. Search is our core technology; ads are our central business proposition; and apps are the umbrella over our web-based software that you can access anywhere, any time. While […]

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