4 Strategies for Overcoming Facebook’s Removal of Likes

The thumbs-up button is Facebook’s most recognisable symbol. It’s become so synonymous with the company that it’s hard to imagine using the channel without the Like button.  Since Facebook launched in 2004 there have been over 1.13 trillion likes - that’s 4.5...

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5 E-Commerce Tips for Black Friday

Infamous for scenes of people racing into shops and scrabbling over the last flat screen television, the Black Friday weekend is now the biggest online shopping period of the year, with sales growing from £810 million in 2014 to £1.49 billion last year on Black Friday...

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Voice Search: The Value of Alexa Skills

The future looks bright for voice search. If you search online for these words – or any version of them – you’ll be met with many grand forecasts and strong convictions. Although no-one can know exactly what’s going to happen for sure, it’s good to know that voice...

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Amazon Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon is now the third largest advertising platform behind Google and Facebook, and with a wealth of product updates and rebranding, we’ve put together this handy guide to Amazon’s ads system, so you can get started on your digital advertising journey with confidence.

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Paid media in 2019: what can we expect?

2018 has been a busy year for digital with endless updates from Google, Facebook embroiled in scandal and Amazon set to become the third largest advertising platform. Here are some of our thought’son what’s coming in 2019 in paid media... Optimisers shift to planning...

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