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These are just some of the questions we’ve been asked by other businesses like yourself that have been trying to crack the secrets to being successful on Amazon. We can help you answer these questions and, more importantly, to get there.


  • What is the best way to drive sales efficiently on Amazon?
  • How can we acquire new customers on Amazon?
  • How can we get more visibility from Amazon?
  • How can we improve our product listings on Amazon?

Our Solutions

  • Paid Ads Audit
  • Paid Ads & Performance Results
  • Product Listings Analysis
  • Store Analysis

What Our Customers Say

“Stellar Search Agency is an exceptional asset that is fully integrated within our marketing team. Their input goes far and beyond performance marketing as they also contribute to the overall brand strategy within Amazon and always look for optimisations across all our different sales channels.”

Axel Amer
Marketplace Manager at Mous
“We have recently started working with the Stellar team and have been impressed at how quickly it has felt like they are an extension of our team rather than an external partner. They have managed to resolve several issues we had been experiencing for some time on Amazon and really driven our business forward.”

Anna Dominey
General Manager at Remedy Drinks UK

Why work with us?

At Stellar Search, we have been running successful PPC campaigns in Google and Microsoft Ads for ten years now. The knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated have been invaluable to help businesses succeed in a channel such as Amazon, where so many of the same principles apply.

In a nutshell, the challenges of advertising in Amazon are very well-known to us and we’ve developed strategies to overcome them, by implementing and optimising to deliver performance and, ultimately, to help your business grow.

While our experience in PPC has been invaluable, we are at heart digital marketers. We’ll never look at anything in a silo. We understand how paid and organic activity affect one another. We understand the need to create demand and awareness for your business. We understand the purchase decision process of any user involves multiple touchpoints, across platforms, channels, devices. Most importantly, we’re able to approach all of this within Amazon.

What will we do for you?

Paid Ads

Sponsored Product

Sponsored Brand

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Brand Video

Organic Listings

Improving Headlines & Descriptions

A+ Content creations and recommendations

Store creation and recommendations

How We Work

Step 1. The Implementation

In this phase, the technical work begins. The team at Stellar Search will out in practice the defined roadmap and keep you up to date with actions when it comes to campaign build outs.

Any new product launches will be added to the roadmap, and activity will either be updated or launched.

Step 2. The Optimisation

From the very beginning, the activity is monitored and optimised.

It involves adjusting target bids, conducting search term analysis and gather learnings as we go along on what works best so we can sustainably expand the activity, whilst driving growth.

Step 3. Collaboration

The best work is done together. This is one of our main premises. We won’t be letting you in the dark.

Every week, you’ll be receiving a report from the team, including performance numbers and insights.

Additionally, our fantastic team will be taking you through the results, learnings and next steps in a weekly call and a monthly meeting.

Kicking Off The Process

The Audit will include a detailed analysis of the status of your current activity, identify areas for improvement and a list of recommendations for future activity.

Alongside the Audit, you can expect the following:

Roadmap for the next 3 to 6 months

Campaign Strategy

Most importantly, we believe in a collaborative approach with our clients. So, we’ll be taking you thought the results of the audit and agree on the best way to proceed going forwards depending on your business goals and targets.

Our team of experts will conduct a full Audit of your Amazon Ads activity, covering:

✓ Paid Ads & Performance Results
✓ Product Listing Analysis
✓ Store Analysis