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As countries across the globe tentatively emerge from lockdown, it remains hard to assess COVID-19’s lasting impact on consumer behaviour. But, while uncertainty continues to predominate, it’s important to contemplate the post-pandemic commercial landscape. Facebook’s ‘Christmas Package’ marketing guide looks ahead to Christmas 2020 and considers how our Christmas shopping habits may change in the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis.

The guide explores key insights from Facebook’s 31-market consumer research, including the prominent role Gen X and Boomers are playing in the growth of mobile shopping. Facebook reports that mobile purchases by these groups (which together cover people born between 1944 and 1979) during the Christmas season have grown on average by 50% or more year-on-year. Other takeaways include the popularity of ‘self-gifting’ during recessions, the rise of mega sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and shoppers being increasingly drawn to brands that support causes they care about.