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As iPhone gets more popular we start seeing more apps for search marketers. Below we list 3 apps that the team here at Stellar Search has been using. Although there are a lot of iPhone apps for search marketing unfortunately most of the them are not user friendly. Hopefully the following list will grow over time.

1. Analytics Agent

A great app with a free version and premium version. We have been using the lite version and we can access the following stats:

  • Site usage
  • Visitor information
  • Absolute page views
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referring Sites
  • 2. SEM Calculator

    A great and handy calculator for working out some stats quickly. You can do the following:

    • CPM calculator
    • CPM to CPA conversion
    • Banner/Email campaign CPA
    • CPC to CPM
    • Max CPC for PPC

    3. Coremetrics iPhone App

    The Coremetrics app is pretty advanced and one of the first in the market. You can check the following:

    • Analyze dashboards and conversion funnels in real time
    • Leverage benchmark metrics to compare performance against competitors
    • Take corrective action to optimize the performance of all marketing campaigns.

    Also available for Android/Blackberry/Windows.

    *. PPC Editor for iPhone

    PPC Editor targets those who want to manager their ad campaigns in Google AdWords on the road we haven’t tried this iPhone App but it has some positive reviews.