How Stellar Search fast tracked’s online growth through PPC & Display to drive 197% sales growth Quarter on Quarter.



The Results

  • 197% growth in online sales through PPC & Display with a 180% growth in revenue Quarter on Quarter
  • 19% reduction in CPC and 15% reduction in CPA
  • Greater ability to push digital budgets into different channels with greater transparency over attributed sales and performance

BWGraph   “Stellar Search helped us grow our PPC and Display channels, doubling sales and remaining within our target CPA. Their approach to PPC & Display helped us understand the value of both channels together and allowed us to spend our digital budgets far more effectively.” Jim Warren, Marketing Director –


The Client is an online flowers retailer that was established back in 2013 to offer an alternative way for customers to buy flowers. By moving away from the traditional way that consumers bought flowers and promoting their ‘letterbox flowers’ service, has seen substantial growth since it was first founded. Being an online retailer they wanted to fast forward their digital growth and as such Stellar Search was bought in to help them do so…

The Objectives

  • Improve overall performance for PPC & Display channels:
  • Increase traffic by 20% Quarter on Quarter
  • Increased revenue by 20% Quarter on Quarter
  • Keep to within a target CPA

The Strategy

Stellar Search worked with to focus initially on improving the performance of their current PPC accounts to bring down their cost per acquisition (CPA) to a level where they were performance was capping out before they saw diminishing returns from additional PPC spend. At this point, the strategy was to use Display advertising through the Google Display Network to drive more brand awareness and top of the funnel visitors that would convert to customers further down the purchase funnel. Stellar Search achieved this by:

  1. Implementing a new, more granular and highly relevant campaign structure for Bloomandwild’s PPC campaigns which was broken out by match types. By doing so, it meant that were able to focus their PPC budgets in areas that were performing for them and reduced their overall cost per clicks (CPCs) for their keywords.
  2. Implementing a range of different audience targeting through the Google Display Network including remarketing, interest and topic targeting, custom match audiences and competitor targeting.
  3. Reviewed the attribution for both PPC and Display channels to see the true value that both channels delivered not just on a last click, but as well on assisted conversions. By looking at different attribution models such as first click, u-shaped, time decay and linear to understand the true value that each channel was driving to overall sales.