How Stellar Search created 50% more leads for Express Vending with paid search



The Client

Express Vending is a leading supplier of premium quality refreshment solutions across London and the Home Counties. World-class companies like Red Bull and Dr. Martens, trust Express Vending to deliver high-quality and healthy options for their workforce. Based in Hemel Hempstead, they are a fast-growing, private company and have been recognised as visionaries in the market, winning numerous awards and have recently launched ‘Express HUB’, revolutionising the way businesses approach staff nutrition.


The Objectives

Express Vending brought on Stellar Search in 2015 after to accelerate their digital marketing efforts in the UK. Looking for a fresh start and new ideas, Express Vending tasked Stellar Search with bringing a complete refresh to their paid search and paid social activities to improve efficiency and drive incremental growth. Working together Express Vending and Stellar Search agreed upon an efficiency model and lead growth targets for the year ahead.

The Strategy

Express Vending’s previous search activity was very limited in scope, focusing on a small number of exact keywords, and limited exposure for growing mobile searches. CPCs were inflated through lack of optimisation, resulting in poor returns. Stellar Search undertook various measures including:

  • Focusing on driving more industry keywords isolated in their own campaigns to allow for keyword-level mobile bid adjustments.
  • Testing board terms to increase visibility with the top-performing keywords and then creating campaigns according to device and budget.
  • Ensuring that ad copy was tailored to each search, specifically tailored to machine model type and clicks through to a category page.
  • Creating a best practice policy for Express Vending’s landing pages, this included running A/B tests for various creative concepts to understand which variants converted more leads.
  • Implementing a Dynamic Search Ads strategy to target relevant search queries based on website content.
  • Investing more of the budget within the first two weeks of the month as this is when Express Vending were seeing higher conversion rates.

The Results

Since Express Vending started working with Stellar Search in 2015 they have seen the following fantastic results:

  1. CTR improved three-fold.
  2. CPC reduced by 18%.
  3. Conversion rate growth of 31%.
  4. All of the above resulted in 50% more leads every year for Express Vending.
  5. Express Vending credits their work with Stellar Search on integrating marketing effectiveness across different areas of the business. Due to the results of the collaboration between Stellar Search and Express Vending’s internal marketing team, digital marketing has become one of the most effective ways to generate leads, which has helped their fantastic sales team convert more qualified leads into sales.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Over four years, our relationship with Stellar Search has been totally positive. Our Account Manager proactively communicates PPC campaign performance, potential issues and industry updates that enable us to achieve our goals. As deliverables, we have seen a significant uplift in web leads, while maintaining an efficient budget. In turn, this has contributed to a healthy uplift in new business sales and ROI. I would recommend the Stellar Search team to any business looking to develop and build a robust paid search marketing strategy.”Matt Sayers – Head of Digital Marketing – Express Vending