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Our View On Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Improving our clients on site conversion rate is one of the most important parts of digital marketing but is often overlooked when deciding where to allocate digital marketing budgets. Conversion Rate Optimisation gives our clients the ability to test through A/B or multivariate testing, from which  we can establish whether our suggested new versions of a page are more successful than the original. By investing time and effort into CRO, this benefits all of our clients marketing channels and business performance.

CRO Approach
The Stellar Search Difference In CRO

Why our clients chose Stellar Search when it comes to managing their CRO campaigns:

  • Painless approach to tagging to allow for us to do the testing for our clients without having to implement changes on their websites themselves with their development teams.
  • User behavior and hypothesis analysis allows for deeper insights to understand how our clients customers are interacting with their websites.allows for deeper insights to understand how our clients customers are interacting with their websites.
  • Work in conjunction with paid channels such as PPC to send traffic to different landing pages to gather data quickly to influence decisions  across the entire website.

These tactics help our clients understand how their customers are interacting with their websites and how to make the most of every user that visits their website to turn them into valued customers in the future.


Our Approach To CRO

Stellar Search work with our clients to propose, design and build an improved version or versions of a page.  Depending on the platform you choose to use we then consult on, or directly create, the new versions of a page for you. We will provide all the necessary instruction on adding code, set targets to understand which version performs better and report back on the result of the experiment. All our clients need to do is wait for the test to provide enough statistical data and then make a decision on which way to go next.