Our View On Digital Strategy

As digital marketing continues to evolve the importance of having an integrated digital strategy and ensuring that individual channels do not work in silo’s is becoming more and more important. At Stellar Search we understand how the channels work together and how to maximise your overall digital budgets to drive performance across all channels. We pride ourselves on our understanding of data and how to draw relevant insights from our clients data to influence the overall strategy. We do this through our attribution analysis and understanding the overall halo effect of running different channels in unison and the overall uplift of ensuring that your Brand messages are reaching your customers at different stages of the buying cycle.

The Stellar Search Difference In Digital Strategy

Why our clients chose Stellar Search when it comes to managing their overall Digital Strategy:

  • Integrated approach with strategic guidance on where to spend your digital budgets across channels.
  • Data driven insights based across channels with different weighted attribution analysis to understand the true value that each channel is delivering in terms of performance.
  • Looking beyond last click when it comes to measurement and understanding the value of assisted conversions and their associated attributed values to ensure that each channel is delivering at both the start and the end of the customer journey.
  • Cannibalization analysis of how each channel is working together and whether marketing channels are cannibalizing each other when attracting new customers.

These advanced tactics will help our clients understand where best to spend their digital budgets to maximize the return and performance as a whole.  

Our Approach To Digital Strategy

Stellar Search have an insights and optimisation process loop that we look at when approaching digital strategy. This process encompasses the different individual channels and then understanding the different facets of digital strategy in terms of how the different channels work together, such as:

  1. Channel Integration
  2. The Halo Effect
  3. Channel Cannibalization
  4. Budget Management
  5. Forecasting & Insights

Digital Strategy Approach