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Another platform looking to enhance its shopping experience is Google. The search engine’s intriguingly named R&D division, Area 120, has developed Shoploop, a new “shoppable video” service. Released with relatively little fanfare, Shoploop is pitched as “an entertaining new way to shop online” and looks very much like an attempt to streamline consumer journeys. 

Shoploop aims to compact lengthy sales processes – that might include seeing a product on social media, scouting it out on YouTube. then finding it on an e-commerce site before finally making a purchase – into a snappy 90-second video shopping process. 

It does this by adding shoppable functionality to brief product demonstration videos, allowing users to scroll through videos, presented by “real people” to get a feel for products.

“We want to help people experience the look and feel of products they’re shopping for in real life without going to a physical store. Shoploop helps you get product reviews from real people who are knowledgeable about the products in a particular area,” Google said.

Initially, Shoploop is focusing on hair, beauty and make-up products, which looks like a perfect match for the format.