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Updates to Merchant Promotions: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Merchant Promotions in Google Merchant Center. For this Black Friday season, the Promotions section on GMC has had an update, offering far more flexibility. As well as enabling you to create structured promotions directly in the Merchant Promotions section of your Merchant Center account, there’re also new supported attributes that help streamline the entire process.

Sounds good! Can you be more specific?

Certainly. Structured promotions can now be more easily put together thanks to the brand-new builder tool, which uses the following categories:

  • Amount off, so you can offer a monetary discount for your items;
  • Percent off, which allows you to offer a percentage discount for your items;
  • Free gift, meaning you can offer a free gift based on item purchase or amount spent;
  • Free shipping, letting you offer free shipping based on item purchase or amount spent.

You can even specify spend thresholds, discount amounts, gift descriptions, and more. Selecting a promotion category means you’ll be shown all the applicable options for your chosen promotion.
Also, you don’t need to add the promotion_id attribute in your products feed for specific item promotions, meaning they can now be manually selected in Merchant Center and, as a result, managed better.

Awesome! What else can I expect?

In addition to all the above, there’s now a simplified list view – a “lock” icon has been added to promotions that aren’t editable anymore (either they’re currently under review or live). “Locked” promotions can be viewed when you go to the Merchant Promotions section and select List.
And that’s not all: you’ll also be able to add new attributes to your promotions feed. With this feature, you’ll have the freedom to include or exclude items, product types, brands, and many more values – whatever you need to build more robust promotions.