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Up to recently, Paid advertising was almost entirely based on the use of Keywords to target audiences at the bottom of the purchase funnel. For example, someone looking for a new shirts would go online and type something like “buy formal shirts online” or even use branded terms to find the product they were after. Google, Bing & other advertising platforms such as Facebook have now taken targeting possibilities to a whole new level, the possibilities to cleverly target audiences at every stage of the funnel are “nearly” endless.



Google’s new Customer Match audiences & lookalike launched in back in September 2015 present a huge opportunities for advertisers. Re-marketing was previously based on demographics & affinities or past actions to target users through AdWords. Customer match now allows targeting directly through a list of email addresses through Search, Gmail & YouTube.

The biggest advantage of Customer match, as already explained in our blog post back in October, is the possibility to generate “Similar Audiences” to reach users with similar characteristics to your first email list. Stepping out of simple re-marketing, this feature marked a real step towards a world of more cleverly targeted ads.



Facebook new pixel & audiences, working on the same principle as Google’s Customer Match, allows advertisers to upload a list of emails & create lookalike audiences with a certain percentage of similar features.

While this doesn’t sound like much written on paper, it means in practice that advertisers can micro-target users with similar & very specific profiles to previous buyers, subscribers, etc. and therefore represent a huge market for potential new sales & leads.



In terms of re-marketing opportunities, Google Analytics most recent code allows us to be as creatives as possible in terms of audiences list & characteristics. Possibilities are endless to re-market your product or service to specific groups of users.

Going beyond your usual lists like “returning website visitors”, “basket viewers” and “converters”, as well as they replicate by membership length (10, 30, 60, 180 days), here are a few examples of lists you should consider creating:

  • Visitors Extremely Interested in Particular Products – Users having visited a specific page several times
  • High Engagement Visitors – Users who spent more than a certain amount on site
  • Visitors by Acquisition Channel – Users from “Social” or “Organic” traffic – allowing specific remarketing promotions
  • Specific Branded Keyword Visits – These users will be more likely to interact with the brand
  • Multi Session Users – Users with more than x number of visits



Re-marketing has been around for years, and is yet to be used at its full potential. Stellar Search can help you work your way through audiences & remarketing opportunities, to retain existing users & capture new customers, wherever they are in the purchase funnel. Applied with the right strategy & in addition to more traditional channels, these “turbo charged” new audiences represent huge opportunities for any business.

For us advertisers, it also represents an opportunity to have a more sustainable approach to online advertising. It gives us the opportunity to precisely & strategically target users and therefore reduce “advertising pollution” by providing users with the ads they are the most likely to need & interact with.