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Facebook Ads Like ButtonFor those new to the Facebook Ads environment, understanding how to structure Paid Facebook Ads campaigns can become very frustrating. Targeting possibilities being nearly infinite through Facebook, Optimisation capacities are sadly not as developed. Therefore, you need to make sure your campaign structure is granular enough to be able to control it.


Here is Stellar Search best practice guide when building Facebook Campaigns.


To understand Facebook advertising, you should familiarise yourself with your business target users. Data to look at when building Facebook campaigns include the following:

  • Devices – Desktop or Mobile
  • Demographic – Female or Male
  • Age Group – 18 to 24 – 25 to 34 – 35 to 44 – 45 to 54 – 55 to 64 – 65+


Let’s take the example of Sally’s Clothes, a company who wants to advertise their brand new summer collection to women of all age groups.

Here is the structure Sally’s Clothes Facebook campaign should have:

Facebook Ads Campaign Structure

As shown above, the campaign level only serves the purpose of a shell in which each Ad-Set bears an individual set of specific targeting criteria.

In this case each ad-set was assigned an age category, gender, & device type.

Each Ad-set then holds a set number of ads which can be tailored to each age category or left equal across all Ad-Sets – 3 ad variation for each ad-set is usually recommended.


This process will then have to be duplicated to target Mobile device.

Overall Sally’s Clothes Summer Collection campaign might look like this:

Facebook Campaign Structure Mobile & Desktop

This structure is the most efficient way to control & optimised campaigns based on results. This way Sally’s Clothes can have specific data on which age group performs best, on which device, and which particular ad variation is the best performer.


In terms of optimisation, this structure also allows greater control over individual bids set for each Ad-Set, and makes it easy to stop a segment if necessary.


As mentioned previously, Facebook Ads targeting possibilities are nearly endless.

Devices can be broken down even more by OS or even device brand. e.g. iPhone 6S, Nexus 5, Android 6 Marshmallow, iOS 9, etc. Demographics can be broken down by marital status, number of siblings, job title etc.


One of Facebook great features allows hyper-focused targeting through the use of custom audiences which can be used in addition to any of the settings discussed above, making your ads ultra-relevant to your target audience.


You can contact us to find out more & get an in-depth analysis of your Facebook Ads Campaigns.