All Marketeers should now know who powerful Facebook targeting is.

One of the key features Facebook Ads offers is the ability to create custom audiences. This can either be using Customer database (email lists) or creating the audience from scratch based on desired targeting criteria. Soon enough you will have dozens of audiences used in your campaigns.

Comes the problem of overlapping. Audience Overlapping means some of the people targeted in one audience will also be targeted in another one. This has to be avoided at all cost as it will create cannibalisation within your campaigns and increase your CPCs while reducing overall efficiency of your Ads.


Here is how to make sure your audiences are not overlapping:

Go to your Facebook Business interface & select “Audiences”

Facebook Business Menu

Here you will find a full list of all the audiences that have been created on your ad account.

Select the audiences you’d like to compare by ticking the boxes, click the “Actions” button and select “Show Audiences Overlap”.

Facebook Business Audience Overlap Menu

This will pull a report comparing the audiences you selected. It will show the number of people in each audience as well as the percentage & number of overlapped users.

Facebook Business Audience Overlapping Result

While this feature only shows you the overlap, it is very important to understand how your audiences are composed so the right negatives can be applied to reduce your costs & improve your efficiency.


You can find out more about Custom Audiences on our previous article about Facebook & Google Audience Targeting : A New Era For Audiences & Truly Targeted Advertising


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