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Today it’s time to talk about Facebook improvement on advertiser’s side. Currently, Facebook innovates constantly but there are many parts which are very useful for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ads & customers experience on brands’ website. Facebook is an amazing support for dynamic campaigns so it’s great news for advertisers as they can now enrich the content of their campaigns with adding extra information.


Facebook Now Lets Advertisers Add Product Videos, Prices To Dynamic Ad Campaigns

Advertisers who use Dynamic Ads to re-target people who visited their sites or used their apps can now add videos and product prices to their campaigns.

Lets look at a common example that advertisers can have with their clients and prospects. If a brand has discounted products, advertisers can:

-choose to feature a product’s actual price

-tease a discounted price by having the ad display the percentage discount

-show the discounted price with the original price struck out.

Concretely, prices will appear as an overlay atop the ad. Also, there is some design choice which can be decided by the brand. For example, brands can choose the shape of these overlays, like circle, rectangle or triangle, but also the font, text colour, background colour and where on the ad the overlay will appear.

Unfortunately, there is still a little constraint that can take advantage of these changes on Facebook’s dynamic campaigns: Advertisers must use Facebook’s advertising API or Business Manager tool.

To read more about the topic, click here.


Facebook Will Tell Brands If The People clicking Their Ads Actually Made It To Their Sites

Facebook will measure when a brand’s site loads after people click an ad to visit it and how many of those people are new visitors. It’s such a great thing but what does it mean on an advertisers’ side?

The company Facebook will start providing advertisers more details about the people clicking on their ads to visit their sites. Information like whether they actually made it to the site and if they’ve visited before or not.

It seems to be normal tracking…  Doesn’t Facebook already tell advertisers how many times people clicked on the links in their ads to visit a brand’s site? The answer is yes. But doesn’t the link-clicks figure tell advertisers how many times people visited a brand’s site from an ad? On this point the answer is no. This is the real improvement about Facebook new “landing page views” metric.

Concretely, if someone clicks on a brand’s ad to visit its site but hits the back button even before the site loads, especially if the site takes too long to load, it may not count. So Facebook’s “landing page views” metric will augment the link clicks metric by only reporting the number of times the advertiser’s site actually loaded after someone clicked on the ad.

Plus, beyond telling advertisers how many times people actually made it to their sites, Facebook plans to start telling advertisers how many of those people are new visitors. This is also a way to distinguish between new and returning visitors which is data that is very relevant in term of ads management for advertisers.

To conclude and from all advertisers : Thank you Facebook!

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