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Ad Sitelinks where first mentioned by Google Adwords back in November 2009. So far not many advertisers take full advantage of ad sitelinks for their brand terms.

Ad Sitelinks are designed to trigger in situations where an ad provides the “best answer” for a search query, and Ad Sitelinks are most likely to trigger on unique brand terms. In addition, Ad Sitelinks are more likely to appear on top-ranked ads with high quality scores; however, they may not always be shown for every top-ranked ad.

Sitelinks could help advertisers to “push” competitors brand bidding down on search results and gain more real estate on the search results. With Ad Sitelinks, you can point to specific information on your site such as special deals, holiday or event-related promotions, and store locators.


The example above from Lufthansa shows how well the Ad site links could be used. The first link directs to the iPhone app, the next two to special offers for certain countries (I presume the top destinations from the UK) and the fourth one all special fairs to Europe.As a result we now have one ad that offers four different destinations to the user. We have been running Ad Site links for all our clients and the result are very encouraging.

How to set up Ad Site links?

Ad sitelinks are not available to all advertisers, if you run a Brand campaign with a strong CTR and high Quality Score you should be able to see the option under Campaigns > Settings > Ad Extensions. You have the option to choose up to 10 additional links but only 4 will appear on the search results.


How to track Ad Site links on Google Analytics?

Something that a lot of advertisers forget is to track the site link individually and measure their performance on Google Analytics.  To track each sitelink separately you will want to append an identifiying query parameter to the destination URL of the clients sitelink.

Current Landing Page URL:

SiteLink Description SiteLinkURL
Link 1: Top 10 Gift Ideas
Link 2: Gift ideas for kids
Link 3: Gift ideas for parents
Link 4: Gift ideas for boys
Link 5: Gift ideas for girls
Link 6: Gift ideas for weddings

The query parameter sitelink should be fairly self explanatory. Giving each URL a number that corresponds to its position is just 1 possibility.

You could also use:

As any other adcopy its important to monitor the performance of each site link and if necessary change or add additional options. So far we have seen some great results by giving the user more options and allowing them to find what they want faster.