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Recently Google announced that, by the end of March, cross device conversions will be fully and automatically integrated in “Conversions” column. While before we had the power of choice in our hands, being able to decide if we wanted to integrate cross device conversions or not, the control is now being taken away from advertisers. However, Google maintains they are just looking after our interests, arguing that this change is going to give us a more holistic view on performance.

Looking at the Consumer Barometer tool, globally, 78% of users use the Internet in more than one device. Therefore, by integrating cross device conversions in conversions column, we should be able have a better understanding on consumer purchase behaviour.

A cross device conversion happens every time someone searches for a product/service in a specific device, clicks on the ad, does not convert, and then later goes back and converts through another device (not through the ad though).

This raises the question: is last click attribution dead?

Google answers to this with a final no. Only if we decide to change the way we report on. If the user clicks on the ad on mobile, comes back on desktop, and then converts by clicking on our ad, the conversion will be attributed to desktop instead. So, in this case, this is still last click. However, if cross device conversion happens when the last click wasn’t through any of our ads, the interrogation mark is still there. It doesn’t sound very much as “last click”.


Conversion Confused Person

It looks like we’ll have to wait to see how this change is going to affect our conversions number, and how much detail we’ll be able to see within Conversions column.

For now, it’s important to be aware that opting out from “include cross device conversions column” is not going to affect anything in Search and Shopping campaigns, only Display. And this until the end of the year, when the update will be completely rolled out for Display campaigns.


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Words: Nicole