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When it comes to PPC, it’s all about enriching your ads. A simple, yet very effective way of doing this is by making use of the ad extension options that we are given by Google. Whether it is sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets or one of many (and ever increasing!) extension options, adding more information to your ad gives the opportunity to show off all your USPs and not to mention make it more relevant.

With the recent shift to expanded text ads, advertisers have had greater real estate on SERPs, and it seems to it’s just about to get bigger. It was recently revealed that Google will be testing out what they are calling visual sitelinks. Instead of the traditional sitelinks, which are hyperlinks to selected pages on the advertiser’s site, this gives the option to show images with a title and description.

From what we’ve seen, visual sitelinks are being presented as a swipeable carousel of images. As per details revealed by Google, performance of the extension will be highly dependent on both the quality of the image as well as just how relevant they are to your keywords. For now, it seems that they are only available on mobile, and there’s no word on whether a variety of sorts will be rolled out on desktop as well. For advertisers who are in first position on mobile, this will clearly give an even greater advantage, as accompanying imagery will no doubt stand out from static text on the rest of the page.

Not all new features introduced by Google end up coming out of Beta, but these visual sitelinks have been tested in the US market for a few months, and after what we assume is good response from advertisers, are now also being rolled out English speaking regions globally on a select number of accounts.

Visual Sitelink Example


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