YouTube Wall

YouTube Wall

YouTube recently announced the news that they will be stopping 30-second unskippable ads come 2018. While these longer non-skippable ads will be no more, it will still be possible to make shorter formats such as the 15 or 20 seconds skippable. Upon hearing this news, as a user we can’t help but sigh in relief as we silently fist pump. However, from an advertiser’s point of view, this requires a tactical way of creating engaging content with much shorter videos.

A recent study by IPG revealed that most people (65%) skip online video ads when given the option to do so. This means that even if we are still given the opportunity to create “longer” video ads, the chances of the customer watching the full video is low. Now more than ever, in a market where it’s become more prevalent for users to skip creatives, it is important to deliver the message you want to bring across within the first few seconds.

This poses the question: what are the other available options when it comes to video advertising and what will work best?

Display Ads

While Google are claiming that the year ahead is the year of YouTube, we totally understand that for some clients, there is limited capacity for creating video ads. However, if you still want to gain exposure from the ever-growing platform, this could be a great place to start. By setting YouTube as a placement target, this option allows you to bring the display network to YouTube.

Overlay Ads

Similar to Display ads on YouTube, overlays do not require advertisers to have video content at the ready to advertise. There is little difference is terms of set up compared to Display ads; but while display appears as banners to the side of the video, overlays are layered over the video on the bottom of the player.

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable ads are a tricky format, as unlike advertising on traditional television there is nothing forcing a customer to watch the video to its entirety. Viewers are given the option to skip after 5 seconds, and while 65% skip when given the option, 76% actually do so out of habit. Knowing this, essentially we are given 5 seconds to be as enticing as possible to convince viewers to break their usual cycle and choose to keep watching.

Sponsored Cards

Sponsored cards are a great little format for retail advertisers. This ad method ties in directly to the content of the video being viewed as it will showcase products featured. This way, that nice little bag being shown off by the YouTube content creator? Viewers are now just a click away from getting their hands on one.

Bumper Ads

An ad format that YouTube has been pushing quite a bit as of recently, bumper ads are non-skippable videos up to 6 seconds long. Now, it can be a stressful concept thinking about how to fit in everything you want to say in such a short amount of time but in actuality A LOT can happen in 6 seconds if you plan it well.


Evidently there’s quite a few different ways you can hop aboard the YouTube train. Need advice on figuring out which would be the best option for your business? Give us a buzz, we’d love to help you get set up.