There has been an explosion of mobile applications in recent times, coinciding with the expansion and developments in the digital marketplace. As a result, companies of all sizes, in all industries and in every country have begun to appreciate how mobile applications can increase engagement with their customers. The efforts of app developers from uk allow them to market their products in a way which relates to the modern consumer.

We all know about mobile apps, they govern most of our interactions with our mobiles. From our endless list of social media apps, to chat apps, or to the latest app to order your coffee & skip the queues, we can definitely say that apps are Everywhere & do Everything.

Overall, an average user spends 30 hours per month in-app. With this amount of time increasing exponentially year-on-year it is interesting to note that the number of apps on users’ phones is staying fairly stable & does not seem to want to go up. In 2013, users had 26 apps on their phone in average 1, very similar to our 2016 numbers.

So how can marketers & companies ensure that their apps are found, used, and not abandoned the day after download?

Google’s top 2 advice below:

  • App discovery also happens outside of the App Stores 2
    • Only 40% of users search for apps in app stores
    • 1/4 of users find their apps through search
  • Engagement, usage rate & fresh content are key to success
    • “By engaging your audience at the right time with content that’s relevant to them, brands can keep their connection to app users alive.”

How to get your app discovered:

Of course this implies your app is ready, has been fully tested & is user friendly. Otherwise all your efforts will be down to nothing.

  • First, talk about it. No one will know about your app if it isn’t featured in big letters on your website, blog, storefronts, and if they aren’t all over your social network posts. Content is King, so get it out there & make sure to get people involved. Don’t be afraid to offer incentives, think of the bigger picture.
  • Second, make sure your app can be found. There is no point in talking about your app if no-one can find it anywhere.
Bloom & Wild App Store

This is where we come into place.

Google AdWords, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook all offer paid opportunities to get you app out there. Here is a snapshot of the possibilities:

  • Google AdWords:

Mobile App Install campaigns: Showcase your app in Google Search results, on the Google Display Network or YouTube.

App Engagement Campaigns: Used as remarketing for existing app users or users who no longer engage with your content but still have your app installed.

App Download Extension on Search: Used as extension linking to the app store page for app download.

Blood & Wild - Google App Extensions in Search Result
Bloom & Wild Download Ad on Google
  • Facebook & Instagram:

Harvesting the power of Facebook targeting possibilities, two types of campaigns are available on both Facebook & Instagram

App Download

App Engagement

These can be shown to existing audiences , based on website traffic or email database, or to new prospective audiences as acquisition.

Connected to their SKD, Facebook will also provide you with a mine of user behaviour data.

Bubble Facebook App Install baby Bunny
Instagram App Install
  • Twitter

Similarly to Facebook, Twitter provides the possibility to create App downloads campaigns which can be targeted as remarketing to your existing audiences or acquisition to new users.

Twitter App Downloads

If you would like to know more about App campaigns & how we can help your business, get in touch with us at hello@stellarsearch.co.uk . We’ll be happy to meet you over coffee (purchased through an app) & talk about digital.

Useful links:

1,  Nielsen, “Smartphones: So Many Apps, So Much Time”, July 2014 http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/news/2014/smartphones-so-many-apps–so-much-time.html

2, Think With Google “Mobile App Marketing insights: How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps” https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/mobile-app-marketing-insights.html

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