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Google announces a series of  search improvements today on the “Inside Search” event. A few days ago Google emailed journalists inviting them to Inside Search for “an under-the-hood look at Google Search, share our vision, and demo some of our newest technology and features.”

There where several improvements on the mobile  search improvements but the three main annocuments are the following:

Voice Search

Now you can speak your web searches instead of typing them! A small microphone will appear on the search box, once you click the microphone your results will show up just as they would if you’d typed the query!



Search by Image

You can also search by using an existing image.  Users can drag and drop an image into the search box, or instead choose to upload it or copy and paste it into the field. There is also a very handy Chrome extension where you can right click on an image in order to do a search.



Google Instant Pages

This is by far the best improvement. With Instant Pages, Google will pre-load websites from the search result pages, not only the HTML code but even images.  According to Google this will save seconds off the search process by loading Websites before you even click on them.  Instant pages is currently available only on Google’s Chrome browser. Once more Google proves that really want to speed up the internet!!



A tip from Stellar Search