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Welcome back to our weekly reading list. Earlier this week, there have been significant announcements made on the latest innovations in Adwords, Analytics and DoubleClick from the Google Marketing Next event. We are excited to share this news with you as these new features will simplify a lot once available and rolled out in the coming months.


A New Home Landing Page On Google Analytics

It’s always a good thing to see improvements by Google making our and your lives a lot easier especially when it comes to data and time management.

You probably have noticed when signing into your Google Analytics account that Google has introduced a new landing page at the top left called ‘Home’. There are no changes to existing reports. The Audience Overview report used to be the default landing page and is still available under ‘Audience’ section and ‘Overview’ in the left side navigation.

Below are the key aspects which we have highlighted for you:

  • Home is automatically configured based on your setup however once rolled out world-wide as shown below in the screen shot
  • Several snippets from a curated set Google Analytics reports, including real time data, with simple and streamlined controls
  • Each snippet is led by a helpful question that frames the data, i.e. ‘When do your users visit?’ or ‘Where do your users come from?’
  • You will be able to hover on any data point for more details with provided link on each card for the relevant report

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New Discover Page: Discover Products And Experiences In Google Analytics

Looking for the latest enhancements to the basic Google Analytics experience? Once rolled out and you signed into your GA account, you will see at the bottom left above the Admin link the new Discover headline.

It’s what is says and both links Home and Discover will be rolled out in the next few weeks based on Google’s announcement. The idea is to bring all together to make the most out of GA.

Products such as Google Optimize, tools such as the Google Analytics mobile app, and features like Custom Alerts or even educational materials from Analytics Academy can be found there.

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Hello Google Attribution, Goodbye Last-Click

Keeping the best for last, it’s new, it’s free and it’s called Google Attribution. A new multi-touch attribution tool measuring the impart of marketing across devices and channels in one place.

We all know that it has always been challenging with today’s complex customer journey having many interactions with a single person across search, display social, video or app on multiple devices. Over the years, marketers have been left using last-click attribution which missed out on the impact of most marketing touch points. This will change now with the upcoming roll-out of Google Attribution over the coming months.

The integrations with AdWords, Google Analytics and DoubleClick Search makes it easy to bring all the data together from all the marketing channels onto one platform with a complete performance view.

Google Attribution will use machine learning to determine how much credit to assign to each step of the consumer journey, i.e. from first time brand engagement to final click purchase. The result is that marketers can take faster actions, immediate reporting, updating bids or moving budgets between channels. All sounds very promising and here at Stellar Search we can’t wait to get our hands on it. So, watch that space and keep in touch with us.

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