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Amazon will postpone Prime Day because of the coronavirus pandemic but has yet to provide a new date. The company told third-party sellers earlier this month to mark Oct. 5 as a placeholder date for the shopping event, which is usually held in mid-July. Amazon said it will share “more details soon.”

In May, the WSJ reported that Amazon was targeting this fall for Prime Day.

Business Insider reports that Amazon could be delaying Prime Day to bolster its fulfilment capabilities during the pandemic, which has led to increased demand but new operational challenges, such as supply-chain shortages, delivery delays, and workers’ safety protections.

Amazon said it will still hold Prime Day in India from Aug. 6-7.

The company said it expects to spend more than $4b on personal protective equipment, facilities cleaning, and COVID-19 testing facilities.

The pandemic has caused demand for Amazon services to skyrocket, adding $74b to Jeff Bezos’ fortune. Bezos’ net worth jumped by a record $13b on Monday after a surge in Amazon stock. Bezos, the world’s wealthiest man, now has a net worth of $189.3b.

Shopify launched its Canva competitor, Taler, an always-free design-builder with customizable templates and photos. The aim is to make it easier for makers and eCommerce entrepreneurs to share beautiful assets on social media without a designer. 

Pinterest released a report yesterday detailing the biggest trends since early 2020. Here are our main takeaways:

Searches for all types of stress relief activities are up almost 5X. People are looking for ways to take care of their mental and physical health during uncertain times.

DIY, at-home projects and products are soaring. In an era where many people are currently working from home, interest in renovation and entertainment-related home improvements has spiked dramatically.

Zen mode: meditation is on the rise! Between February and May, Pinterest saw a 44% increase in meditation-related searches.

These statistics aren’t just valuable for Pinterest, as they indicate larger trends going on in people’s general interests. Being in touch with customers is one of the most important parts of being a successful marketer – and this data can help you do just that.

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The drop in 18-to-49-year-old viewers for the Big Four broadcast networks in primetime since May 25, compared with the same period a year earlier. (US Data)