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As another week has gone by, we want to say a big thanks for following us on our blog. This week’s reading list will update you on the latest on image recognition, target ads in Pinterest as well as the top announcements during Google’s I/O conference. We are also very excited to tell you that it’s finally here – Google’s Quality Score in AdWords. So, grab your coffee and enjoy reading!


Pinterest will use image recognition to target ads, including in Lens results

When we target ads, we know that Google uses search data, Amazon uses purchase data, Facebook uses social data, and now Pinterest will be using photo data.

Pinterest works hard to get ahead of the game and wants to be better than Amazon or Google, helping customers to find things to purchase. Until now it still hasn’t got a shopping cart, however it’s getting closer to its competition. Over a year ago, Pinterest introduced image recognition technology to suggest related pins so people could tap an object in a picture and view the list of organic pins featuring similar objects.

This week, Pinterest has announced that it will include ads that are selected based on the characteristics picked out by Pinterest’s computer vision. As people do not always have the vocabulary to describe the look of the product, people can discover products and ideas inspired by things they see and it all happens automatically through the visual discovery technology.

Currently, Al-triggered ads will first appear in the Related Pins gallery which is displayed after tapping on an individual pin. For Instant Idea pins, they will pop up after tapping the white circle on a pin in a person’s home feed. Going forward Pinterest plans to add them to results displayed when people use its recent Lens feature introduced in February to scan a photo from their phone finding the related pins. Another new feature is Shop the Look which lets people tap products featured in a photo to reveal a list of links to similar products available to buy.

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Google I/O Roundup: Search-by-picture Google Lens & other Google Assistant features announced

This week has been quite a week full of new tech and digital announcements as it was Google I/O 2017 conference. This yearly conference brings developers together from around the world and is a very immersive experience focusing on exploring the next tech generation.

Key announcements by Google this week:

  • Google Lens is a new way to search for information via photos and integrated into Google Assistant and Google Photos. Google Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities which is able to understand what someone is looking at and helps that person to take action. The Lens can identify objects from a smartphone’s camera and offers additional information on that object.
  • Google Assistant comes to iOS. The users will be able to type queries into Google Assistant. This was one of the stars at the conference with several new features such as:
    • Notifications
    • Type to Assistant
    • Integration with Lens
    • Hands-free Calling
    • New entertainment options
    • Visual response
  • Google for Jobs. This is a new job search engine which will be rolled out in the coming weeks in the US focusing on all types of jobs. The plan is that Google will partner up with traditional job search service providers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor etc. The job search engine will include various tools that help to find the right jobs. For example, applicants are able to filter jobs by location, title, categories or type as well as commute time and other services.

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Are AdWords advertisers about to get a lot more Quality Score reporting metrics?

Last month, indications were given that useful changes were about to happen soon helping advertisers to analyse Quality Scores in their AdWords accounts. In fact, it finally is the case that the new feature Quality Score metrics is now available in AdWords under Keywords level, modify columns. We here at StellarSearch have recently started to use it.

The update includes the following new data points for analysis:

  • Quality Score
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Ad Relevance
  • Expected Click-through Rate (Historic)
  • Quality Score (Historic)
  • Landing Page Experience (Historic)
  • Ad Relevance (Historic)
  • Expected Click-through Rate (Historic)

It is now possible to analyse and share quality score data. Advertisers are able to segment keyword reports by day to analyse end-of-day quality score data. The data for new historic metrics will only go back for comparison as far as January. When there are not enough impressions and click data, the reports will show empty Quality Score.

New feature in modify columns under Keywords in AdWords

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