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WhatsApp announced last week that they are launching WhatsApp For Business. This is great news for companies in and around London and other city centres where consumers like using WhatsApp to engage with businesses.

Generally, WhatsApp has proven to be a bit of a headache, as it is very hard to track the conversations that are happening (as they happen ‘off-site’) and then understand the role they play in the overall consumer journey. But now WhatsApp is launching a closed beta which is ‘WhatsApp for Business’ which will have two main features:

  1. An API, which will allow conversations to be passed back to tracking solutions so that WhatsApp can be managed as a separate channel. (Whether Facebook allow this in Google Analytics is yet to be seen!)
  2. A ‘green badge’ which allows businesses to be ‘verified’ users which will improve consumer trust when conversations are happening on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp are also offering two packages:

  1. WhatsApp for Business – which is aimed at small to medium sized businesses and will be free.
  2. WhatsApp Enterprise – which is aimed at large businesses and will be a paid for solution. We don’t know currently what the costs look like but we know Facebook didn’t buy WhatsApp for nothing!

We understand that WhatsApp for business will be being rolled out shortly and will keep you updated of any developments.

For more information on WhatsApp for Business, check out the WhatsApp Blog.