Our tried and tested process of PPC campaign management has been honed over our many years of experience running PPC campaigns across numerous verticals to ensure that we deliver a step change in our clients PPC account performance.


Our View On PPC

PPC, or Paid Search, is one of the key channels for driving performance marketing for our clients. PPC has evolved over the years thanks to innovations from the Search Engines such as Google and Bing becoming more complex. PPC is a great channel for advertisers as it allows Brands to respond quickly in terms of promoting their Brand with the latest offers and updates messages to their potential customers.

placeitThe Stellar Search Difference In PPC

Why our clients chose Stellar Search when it comes to managing their PPC campaigns:

  • Integrated approach with PPC working in harmony with other channels.
  • External data optimisation, automated bid and creative updates based on 3rd party data; such as flight delays, the weather and promotional events.
  • Looking beyond last click when it comes to measurement and understanding the value of assisted conversions to ensure that PPC is delivering at both the start and the end of the customer search journey.

These advanced tactics will help our clients understand what the true value of PPC is to their business and help them grow the performance of their PPC channel as part of their overall digital strategy.

Our Approach To PPC

Stellar Search have a 3 stage approach to PPC which is broken down to the key focus areas for successful PPC management of our clients campaigns:

  1. The Foundations
    • Campaign Structure
    • Budget Management
    • Settings Management
    • Match Type Strategy
    • Transition Planning
    • Tracking Set Up
  2. Day To Day Tasks
    • Keyword Creation & Refinement
    • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
    • Ad Extensions Implementation & Testing
    • Negative Keywords Creation & Refinement
    • Bid Management
    • Reporting & Insights
  3. Advanced Tactics
    • Time Targeting & Ad Scheduling
    • Location Based Targeting
    • Landing Page Testing
    • Mobile Device Modifiers
    • Competitor Bidding Strategies
    • External Data Optimisation