How Stellar Search created a localised digital marketing strategy to drive customers in store and to book online for Rush Hairdressing Salons.



The Results

  • 464% growth in online sales through PPC & Display with a 80% growth in revenue Quarter on Quarter
  • 32% reduction in CPC and 16% reduction in CPA
  • Greater ability to push digital budgets into different channels with greater transparency over attributed sales and performance



The Client

Rush Hair salons are known as award-winning hair stylists and beauty treatment experts with over 70+ salons in the UK. As their portfolio of stores increases they are looking to lead the way in the hair dressing market as being leaders in both the services they offer as well as digital marketing. With ambitious growth plans they wanted to use digital to promote both their own website and mobile site as well as to drive customers into their salons. Having had mixed success with their previous digital marketing efforts they engaged Stellar Search to help them drive their digital marketing forwards and grow their business…

The Objectives

  • Increase website and app traffic by 20% YOY
  • Increase number of online bookings by 20% YOY
  • Drive 25% more customers in-store YOY

The Strategy

Stellar Search worked with rush.co.uk to focus on localising their digital marketing messages around their individual salons. The focus initially was improving the performance of their current PPC accounts to granulise them to local level with bespoke messaging and bidding strategy. In addition to overhaul their current Google Places account to ensure that all of their salons information was up to date and uniform. Once this had been achieved, the focus was on growing their digital coverage through PPC and Display with more generic PPC terms targeted on a UK level without cannibalising their local PPC campaigns, along with targeted Display campaigns through the Google Display Network to target local salons that we just opening to help drive awareness. Stellar Search achieved this by:

  1.  Implementing a new, more granular and highly relevant campaign structure for Rush’s PPC campaigns which was broken out on a salon level. By doing so, it meant that Rush were able show different promotional messages for the individual salons and then report back on the number of visitors that were driven in store.
  2. Updating all of Rush’s Google Places account to ensure all the individual salons information was up to date and showing in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and that the messaging was matching that of the PPC ad copy.