As we move into February, Cupid is busy stringing his bow for the much-anticipated Valentine’s Day. More people than ever are choosing to shop for gifts, cards and treats for their loved ones online, meaning with this most romantic of days just around the corner, digital marketers need to be SEO-savvy to avoid missing out on key opportunities. In this article, we offer our top five SEO tips for Valentine’s Day, so you can make sure love is in the air for your website.

Plan your strategy in advance

We can’t stress enough how important it is to plan for events like Valentine’s Day well in advance. Knowing your goals, and your SEO strategy to achieve them will be key when it comes to successful Valentine’s traffic. Do your research – what has worked well previously? Is there a precise day that traffic starts to pick up? 

For example, in the first week of February each year, Valentine’s Day cards take top spot when it comes to search trends – but a massive 40,000 people searched for engagement rings in the run-up to the big day last year.

Searches that topped Valentine’s Day trends lists in the last few years were ‘flowers near me’, ‘Valentine’s chocolates’ and ‘Valentine’s sweets’. Most notably, January and February 2017 saw nearly 4 million searches for ‘Valentine’s chocolate’ and just under two million searches for ‘Valentine’s sweets’. Results suggest interest picks up at the end of January, with a spike in the first week of Feb, and another last-minute rush a day or two before. Searches for florists and flower deliveries experience a spike the day before Valentine’s Day.

So, it will help to compare results from recent years to create a bigger and better plan for Valentine’s Day 2020. We suggest starting your planning at least one month in advance so you don’t lose out to your competitors.

Calculate mobile and desktop users

If you’ve done your audience research right, you’ll know the rough split of people searching on mobile, desktop, tablet, or other devices. You can use this information to your advantage by optimising your site differently for both desktop and mobile to give specific users a tailored and targeted experience. As more and more people are choosing to use mobile devices for online purchases, it would be wise to ensure your site is fully optimised for mobile so you can maximise your opportunities for Valentine’s Day.

Choose the right keywords

We all know keywords are part and parcel of SEO, so a strong list of Valentine’s-related keywords; both short-tail and long-tail, will be invaluable for your SEO strategy. You can use SEO tools to determine the best keywords that match your target audience; for example, if your site is aiming to target women, ‘Valentine’s gifts for men’ isn’t likely to be the best keyword option for you. Think of your keywords like Cupid’s arrows, targeting the right people and drawing them to your site!

Brush up your landing pages

Creating a completely new page for your Valentine’s Day content isn’t always a smart move, as older URLs with established inbound links are worth more than a brand-new page. Try to use an existing page, and use redirects if necessary. If your site has the capacity, it could be a fun idea to make the page look more seasonal; for example, by adding some cute heart animations or little rose petals. You should also optimise any images on the page by adding keywords to filenames and alt tags and compressing images for faster loading speeds.

Check out your competitors

A fantastic way to get ahead of the market this year is by having a look at what your competitors are doing for Valentine’s Day. Using SEO tools you can find top competitors for certain keywords – but you should also visit their website to get an idea of the sort of content they are creating, images or animations they are using, and how their content is ranking. If you’re after advice on SEO competitor analysis, there are several useful online tools you can use to get you started.

By combining these five simple tips, we’re sure you can create a match made in heaven between your website and your audience this Valentine’s Day!