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In the past, PR and SEO were two completely separate teams; each with their own way of working and set of KPIs. However, recently we have come to realise that our marketing and communications channels should not be siloed, and in fact, PR and SEO teams can work well together to increase brand search visibility and improve how content performs. In the following article, we look at the relationship between PR and SEO, and how they can be used together to boost performance.  

Why should SEO and PR be symbiotic?

At the core of SEO and PR is content. Without SEO, PR might have great content to seed out, but if it isn’t optimised or backed by proper SEO-led research, it might risk being released at the wrong time, or fail to drive traffic and brand awareness, making it fall flat. Without PR, SEO lacks the messenger that is essential to expose this great content to a wider audience, resulting in backlinks, social sharing, brand awareness and ranking improvements. Therefore, you should aim to combine the two to create a powerful content marketing approach. Next, we’ll look at how…

Get SEO involved early on

Having the most amazing press release in the world is a great start, but if it isn’t searchable, how is it going to be picked up? SEO can help PR from the get-go, by conducting extensive keyword research, ensuring the right URLs are being targeted, and optimising inbound links, ensuring your PR content stays ahead of the competition. We all know PR is time-sensitive, and SEO can therefore be of use by researching seasonal trends and spikes throughout the year to identify the best time for release and opportunities for newsjacking. If you’re looking for professional help to incorporating internet marketing more in your business, is the best out there!

Use PR to boost existing content

If you have great content that’s already optimised for SEO, PR teams can seed out this existing content to their press lists to increase its reach and drive more results. For example, if your SEO agency team worked on a fantastic, already optimised piece of content earlier in the year, ask your PR team to consider other points during the year where it might be worth boosting it.

A great example of this is in the case of Qantas, who are using a combination of SEO and PR tactics to boost news coverage and brand awareness ahead of their centenary this year. 

Allocate the right task to the right team

If you do a lot of outreach, PR and SEO can take different aspects of outreach activity to create an integrated approach. SEO works well with influencer outreach, while PR excels at spreading stories to mass media, including newspapers and magazines. Ensure both teams stick to their allocated outreach sources to prevent confusion in terms of messaging. 

However, even if the two teams are managing separate elements of the campaign, the overall brand messaging and KPIs should be the same, so make sure everyone involved is on the same page from the start of the campaign.

How to integrate your PR and SEO teams

So, if you’re keen to develop the relationship between your PR and SEO teams, the first step is to introduce the two teams. We will often be aware of other teams in the company, but may not be sure what their exact function involves. Therefore, offering both teams the chance to hold an initial intro workshop to educate the other team about what they do day-to-day is a fantastic way to kickstart your new, integrated approach. Once both teams are up-to-date and ready to collaborate, arrange regular idea sessions and meetings to further share knowledge and strengthen the relationship.