We know a few things about Google Shopping Feeds.



Our View On Shopping & Feeds

Shopping Campaigns in the Search Engines has become an ever increasingly important channel for retailers as part of their digital strategy, with Shopping budgets being higher than PPC budgets in certain cases. As a result of the rapid growth of this relatively new digital channel it is vital that our clients are optimising their feeds and Shopping campaigns to stay ahead of their competition. Stellar Search has extensive experience with many online retailers in terms of how to get the most of their Shopping campaigns and advising in the best approach and how to optimise their campaigns accordingly.

The Stellar Search Difference In Google/Bing Shopping

Why our clients chose Stellar Search when it comes to managing their PPC campaigns:

  • Integrated approach with Shopping working in harmony with PPC & SEO.
  • Our own Automated Bidding Algorithms that update bids on Shopping campaigns on an hourly basis for both Desktop/Tablet and Mobile device bids.
  • Granular Shopping campaigns structure to maxamise the full ability of a website feed to ensure bids are being adjusted on a product level not just at category levels.

These advanced tactics help give our clients the ability to ensure that their ads are appearing in the Shopping results at the right times and in prominent positions on both Desktop and Mobile devices. By integrating Shopping budgets with PPC & SEO it ensures that our clients are taking up the right amount of real estate within the Search Engine Result Pages whilst maxamising their budgets and ROI.


Our Approach To Shopping

Stellar Search have developed our approach to ensure that our clients are getting the basics of their Shopping campaigns right, to ensure that we can help them with the more advanced tactics to maxamise their performance.

Getting the Basics Right:

  1. Ensure that your feed is being updated once a day
  2. Ensure that there are no errors in your feed in terms of product titles, descriptions and prices (which can be checked in the diagnostics in the Google Merchant Centre.)
  3. Ensure your feed is well categorised with a good taxonomy so that Google can easily understand which products you are promoting.
  4. Optimise the titles in your feed so that they are easily matched to queries that users search for.
  5. Create highly targeted Google Shopping campaigns and segment your campaigns by top sellers, promotions and categories.

Advanced Shopping Tactics:

  1. Advanced Bidding Tactics for Google Shopping. Stellar Search have created our own bespoke bidding algorithms to amend bids for shopping campaigns every hour on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Based on historic data we can upweight and downweight bids based on peak conversion times for our clients to ensure that their Google Shopping listing is appearing at the right time to attract their customers.
  2. Maximise Google Shopping Promotions Google Shopping promotions allow advertisers to show their latest promotions within the Google Shopping ads. By utilizing these promotions your listing will stand out from your competition and the promotional code will attract price sensitive customers.
  3. Google Shopping Reviews Build trust in Google Shopping by having review stars show up against your Google Shopping listings. By becoming a Google Certified Shop you’ll be eligible to have review stars show against your ads making your ads more attractive to users.
  4. Maximise Your Message Constantly test different copy on your Google Shopping Ads. Highlight your latest sales or promotions or tailor your message with seasonal messages to attract users.