With the ever-changing world of Social Media, it’s crucial to innovate. Fortunately, we’re pretty good at that. From elite athletes through to exceptional retailers, our social techniques get your message across to the world.

Our View On Social Media

Social media is a broad term. From Facebook through to twitter, Pinterest over to Vimeo, Tinder to Yik Yak – it’s a constantly evolving and developing world. With activity running across multiple networks, paid and organic, influencer outreach and viral campaigns – it’s an area we thrive in.

SocialMedia The Stellar Search Difference In Social

Why our clients chose Stellar Search when it comes to managing their SEO campaigns:

  • Broad knowledge base which spans multiple industries and sectors.
  • Experience working across the majority of social networks.
  • Early adopters of new technology, from Instagram ads through to Twitter moments – our close links with the social networks enables us to be one step ahead. All the time.

These supreme tactics mean we’re not just good at social, we’re exceptional. We’ve made careers for athletes and built businesses through social.

Our Approach To Social Media

The key part about our approach to social is that we work on a client by client basis to determine which areas are likely to be beneficial.

  1. Social Review
    • Understand which networks you’re strong on
    • Define objectives: Fans? Revenue? Brand awareness?
    • Recommend cross network strategy
    • Soft launch in conjunction with existing activity
  2. Day To Day Tasks
    • Work with your social team (or replace, either works) to post and respond
    • Split test posts
    • Understand audience
    • Build fan base
  3. Review Process
    • Build profile of user base
    • Refine approach based on data
    • Promote across other channels (email, website, remarketing)
    • Implement testing process
    • Review, and repeat