We’ve developed two suites of tools for advertisers to help drive growth and efficiency on their accounts. Our tools give us and our clients the ability to plan collaboratively and more intelligently so we can make a significant difference to performance.

Stellar Search Technology


Shopping Suite



Following an EU anti-trust ruling, Google has opened its shopping platform to other comparison platforms, known as Comparison Shopping Sites (CSS) to serve shopping placements. Pricify, Stellar Search’s CSS, was one of the first to be inducted on to the program, and as a key pillar of our retail suite, allows advertisers to make instant cost savings through rebates that Google offers.


Retail Crawler

With Retail Crawler, merchants can measure how price competitive they are. By crawling competitor sites, our clients are able to make better-informed decisions about the price of specific goods and establish price parity – thereby improving conversion rates on these products.


Campaign Builder

Our Campaign Builder is ideal for advertisers who have large product ranges or inventories. By creating long-tail campaigns, adgroups, keywords and ads (based on templates), we ensure that there’s consistency across the advertising of all our client’s products. By capturing less competitive, long-tail traffic, merchants can expect higher conversion rates at lower costs. This has presented a great opportunity for our retail clients to reinvest in to long tail campaigns. Campaign Builder is housed under both Shopping & Search suites as it can help retail and non-retail focused advertisers.


Search Suite


PPC Auditor

Stellar Search foundations are routed in best practice PPC, and with complexities and numbers of variables that need to be monitored in accounts ever increasing, it made sense for us to develop a tool to closely monitor all the fundamental facets of an account. The PPC Auditor continuously monitors over a hundred different areas of an account across 10 different categories, identifying problems and offering recommendations.


Search Link

Our proprietary SEO-PPC comparison tool uses data from both channels to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency. Working at both keyword and category level, Search Link highlights areas for expansion and optimisation, for example, where a category maybe performing in paid search but has not been optimised for organic.