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Have you ever wondered what a Paid Media Executive does? Well, in this article you can find out! We chat to Nahid Uddin about his role here at Stellar Search, including his day-to-day tasks, the necessary skills for the job, and his favourite thing about the company.

Q: Hi Nahid, tell us about yourself?

A: Full time Manchester United supporter, and part time digital marketer…joke! joke! I would describe myself as digital enthusiast, I love everything about digital and always have been fascinated about the “next big thing”, whether that’s a new social platform, or the latest gadgets out in the market, I want to be the first try and experience the new world of digital and that’s the kind of person who I am!

Q: Tell us how you got into the world of marketing?

A: I’ve always been an analytical person, at college I studied science and really enjoyed it a ton, especially when it came to the experiments and reporting side of things where I was most interested! I wasn’t too sure where life was headed at that stage, so I ended up taking a gap year and took up a recruitment apprenticeship at the age of 17 and developing my business skills and client experience. After completing the course, I later found my passion for digital and took up a digital marketing apprenticeship in e-commerce and really enjoyed the analytical and paid social aspects. Over the three years I’ve worked there, I mastered numerous skills, including social, affiliates, email marketing, offline events, window displays and website development and launch, before moving to Stellar Search as a Paid Media Exec. I had previously worked with Stellar Search as a client, and found that I was more interested in the digital marketing side of things, working with them inspired me to pursue a career in it (I also really liked their values as an agency!)

A university degree isn’t always relevant – don’t let this stop you from wanting to work in digital marketing. It’s a fast-paced career, but gives you so many opportunities to test, learn and train yourself.

Q: So what exactly is a Paid Media Executive?

A: A Paid Media Exec is responsible for managing paid media activities for clients and producing results against targeted KPIs.

Q: What skills do you need?

A: The most important skill to me personally is having a lot of empathy, not all clients will have the same available resources, so being able to step into the shoes of the client and understand how to make most of the available resources they have and maximise on their return on investment goes a long way!

You’ll also need to be an analytical person and enjoy working with data a lot to be able to interpret the data to explain to clients what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can improve targeted KPIs to get the best ROI.

As marketers, being able to think outside the box is key. A lot of the time you’ll need to use your creativity to strategise how to take the best approach to achieve the targeted goals. 

Q: Tell us about your daily routine

A: In the morning, I’ll typically start off by checking through all my client accounts, looking at performance and  spend levels, adjusting bids, optimising campaigns in response to how well they have performed, and seeing how to improve their targeted KPIs. In the afternoon I check my emails and catch up with clients on updates to the account and how we can grow with their business goals. For the rest of the day, I’ll actions those changes we’ve discussed on the calls and further research the market for more opportunities.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: Fat Friday is the best! Each week a different team member gets to pick a local restaurant and we order in food for everyone, or sometimes we’ll go out. I also love the environment at Stellar Search – it’s such a helpful and supportive culture. Everyone is happy to help you out, even if it isn’t their client, knowing you’ve got colleagues to help and support you when you need it makes you feel confident in the overwhelming space of digital.

Oh, and being the office DJ! With great power comes great responsibility, being able to keep the office buzzing with fun, upbeat tracks is something I take on with pride!

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of the job?

A: I would say challenging my clients and maximising ROI using the resources they have.

Q: What are your favourite tools to help you get the job done?

A: Ninja Cat – it pulls data from Google, Bing & Facebook and puts it all into one PDF. It saves time on reporting so you can spend more time optimising and doing the fun stuff!

Q: What advice would you give people looking to do a similar role?

A: Always think of yourself as a student, not the master. Stay humble and don’t get overconfident, as there’s always more to learn in the world of digital marketing. Make sure you develop your skills outside the role as well as inside it, as not all clients are the same – being adaptable is key. Don’t always look at one client as the rule of thumb – test everything and challenge yourself. Finally, make sure you have a supportive environment. Client demands can sometimes get overwhelming and you’ll need help dealing with them.

Q: Can you sum up this advice in one sentence?

A: Stay humble, hungry, and motivated!