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Last week we were invited to Mircosoft’s HQ in Dublin, where we were encouraged to think
beyond building and optimising campaigns, beyond targets and budgets – Agencies and companies alike were encouraged to look at themselves instead.

As Digital Marketers, we live surrounded by numbers. Large spreadsheets that consistently ring the alarm bells on any computer with ‘limited storage space remaining’. A Facebook Ads interface that keeps freezing precisely when we really need those numbers asap. Google Analytics becomes our playground. And in this world full of data we often forget that at the end of the day, we’re working with people. We are people. And, ironically, we’re using that same data to try to understand people. To reach them. To send a message.

And in the middle of the storm that lives within any fast-paced advertising agency, we often forget that the people we work with or with whom we deal with, are not numbers, but a lot more like our different accounts – intrinsically different. That is why we analyse data. But are we forgetting to apply the same principles to the people with whom we work?

The answer is very simple. Yes. Because we are too busy. Looking at numbers, optimising them, chasing and tracking targets, shooting endless emails and getting too worried about missing out, too aware of our faulty human eyes and brains.

But what Microsoft wanted to remind us of is that artificial intelligence is here to make our life easier. The potential is there and, well, even though the machine is indeed still learning, we have to learn to give it control. Ironically, moving that same control to the likes of artificial intelligence is the best way we can go back to being human beings, exploring our teams’ own unique potential and deliver true value to our clients.

We can then be creative, move our eyes from the screen and face our team members, listen to their ideas, to different perspectives. Which takes me to the next point so well presented and discussed at Discovery Days in Dublin by TEDx speaker Ash Beckham – the chance to build truly diverse and inclusive teams, made out of people with unique and different strengths, views, experiences and stories. At the end of the day, it is our uniqueness that makes us outstanding.

If all of this feels overwhelming or leaves you with one or two burning questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just drop us a message here.


Written by Nicole Inacio, Paid Media Manager

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