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Released in beta earlier this year, Life Event Targeting is now available to all users!

A new addition to Google’s audience targeting capabilities, this variation allows advertisers to target users around major life events. At the moment it’s only a handful of events, which include graduation, moving house, and getting married, however we fully expect Google to expand this number.

The major advantage of these new audience segments is the ability to identify potentially high value customers / conversions. All the events that Google have included so far are occasions where people typically splash out, on gifts, catering, etc.

Currently, this targeting is only available for Gmail and video advertising however we expect this to be available for search at some point in 2018. Comparisons can be drawn with Similar Audiences (lookalike targeting) that was only originally available for non-Search formats, until Google announced its availability within search.

We expect audiences to be smaller than other topics or interests when targeting GDN or video campaigns, and these to narrow further if and when life event targeting gets released for search. We see the advantage being the ability to target a potentially higher value purchase. Combining this targeting with Shopping campaigns, for example, could be very powerful.

How to set them up?

The targeting is at adgroup level, therefore you must have a campaign set up (Gmail or video for now) for the targeting to appear. Life event targeting sits under Interest Targeting, see below.

From here you can then expand on these events:

Life events are a valuable new targeting option that allow you to reach customers at poignant moments in their lives, when they are likely make more significant, higher value purchases.