Why YouTube?
The consumption of video online has massively increased in the past few years. In the UK alone, the average adult online watches 46 minutes of YouTube per day, and it’s used by over 96% of online adults each month on average. 1

The Stellar Search Approach
Seeking to drive performance through YouTube for Bloom & Wild, we recommend TrueView for Action as the preferred campaign type. Existing customers were excluded and we targeted a mix of mid and top funnel audiences. The campaign was running for approximately four weeks.

The Results
The campaign delivered a great number of direct conversions, always a win on YouTube. Even though CPA was about 17% higher in comparison to search activity, Stellar Search and Bloom & Wild understand that’s hardly comparable – Search and YouTube appear at different stages of the customer journey and therefore we should read results very differently.
It is important to look beyond last click. When looking at assisted conversions, CPA drops massively, being 24% lower than non brand search activity.

Measuring the long term impact of YouTube
The new Attribution Report in Google Ads shows that in the months after the campaign took place, YouTube often appears as the first touch before the conversion took place. This particularly true for users who, after engaging with the video ad, searched for the Bloom & Wild to covert.

We’ve seen that over 1.2k branded conversions had YouTube as the first interaction point, in the following months.

The Brand Lift Study conducted estimated a 12% absolute lift in brand awareness for the users who had been exposed to the ads.
The lift was particularly high for 18-24, at almost 15%, but the most surprising was seeing the group of users between 55-64 with a brand lift of 13% – a segment that in 2020 contributed to 11% of online sales.

1.Source: Google internal data, 2019